Woofmeister is now available on UniSwap


Shibarium's first

WOOFMEISTER serves as a Bridge, Launchpad, and Swap for Shibarium, allowing users to easily move their assets across different chains, participate in token sales and IDOs, and exchange assets with other Shibarium users.






Buy 0%, Sell 2%



Security First

All tools are audited by independent companies.

Simple and Easy

We make crypto simple and understandable for everyone.


$WOOFME will be available on Shibarium once its live.

Our commitment

At Woofmeister, we’re committed to building a vibrant and inclusive community that shares our passion for decentralized finance and the future of blockchain technology. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Learn more about our token and ecosystem, and discover all the ways that Woofmeister can help you unlock the full potential of Shibarium and the broader world of DeFi.

Woof Swap

Swap currencies for the lowest fees.

Woof Launchpad

Participate in Shibarium’s IDOs.

Woof Bridge

Move your assets across blockchains.

Woofmeister Labs

With our innovative tools, you can quickly and easily exchange your Shibarium assets for other currencies, participate in IDOs, move your assets to other chains and more!

AI Twitter bot

Let AI manage your social presence.

NFT Marketplace

Mint & Trade NFTs.

Buy Woofmeister

1. Create a Wallet with Metamask
2. Get some ETH
3. Open Shibaswap on Metamasks default browser
4. Select token & paste $WOOF ERC20 contract address
5. Set Slippage to 1%
6. Hit the SWAP button


Phase 1: Development

  • Develop the core functionalities of the ecosystem
  • Test the functionalities thoroughly on testnets
  • Deploy the functionalities on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Arbitrum

Phase 2: Integration

  • Integrate the ecosystem with SHIBARIUM
  • Test the integration on testnets
  • Deploy the integration on SHIBARIUM

Phase 3: Community Building

  • Build a community around the ecosystem
  • Giveaways and airdrops
  • Create informative content about the ecosystem's functionalities, upcoming features, etc.

Phase 4: Marketing

  • Develop a marketing strategy to increase Woofmeisters visibility and attract investors
  • Use paid advertising on social media platforms and crypto-related websites
  • Create informative blog posts and articles
  • Partner with other crypto projects to reach a wider audience

Phase 5: Launchpad

  • Launch high-quality and vetted projects on the launchpad
  • Develop a process for project selection, vetting, and launch
  • Ensure that users can participate in launchpad events easily and securely

Phase 6: Swap

  • Attract liquidity providers to the ecosystem
  • Encourage users to swap tokens within the ecosystem
  • Develop strategies to ensure liquidity in the swap functionality

Phase 7: Bridge

  • Ensure seamless interoperability with other chains
  • Develop strategies to attract users to use the bridge to move assets between chains
  • Test the bridge functionality

Phase 8: Continuous Development

  • Continuously develop the ecosystem to adapt to changes in the crypto space
  • Implement feedback from the community to improve the functionalities of the ecosystem